Celebrate William Gets the All-Rounder

William Gets

William Gets is a man of many talents. He started his working life in the Bush, but after 3 years of the greatest adventure, travelling around the world, he returned to Cape Town and decided to go into marketing.

Since then he has moved to the United Kingdom, where he has embraced British life and where his business is flourishing, but also where he is finding many more avenues to express his love of music in the creative Somerset town of Frome, UK.

William Gets’s marketing business is Brainstorm Strategic Marketing which you can also find on Facebook.

His incredible Trance music creations can be found on Soundcloud: Sydiom

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Mix Tape Radio International

A huge thank you to MRTI for providing the recording studio for this interview in Frome, Somerset, UK. You can also meet the co-owner of MTRI, John Walton, in this podcast HERE

Mix Tape Radio International

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