Celebrate Gerhard Perold our Pinotage Wine Man

Pinotage wine

Meet Gerhard Perold, our Pinotage wine man! He has a very interesting and important ancestor as his great- grandfather was the creator of the Pinotage grape variety. Gerhard has taken his passion for this heritage and created a wine business in the UK. Not only does he have a wine shop, Just outside Wells in Somerset, but he runs wine tastings (in private homes, restaurants and at corporate events) and he supplies pubs, bars and restaurants with our wonderful South African wines. Gerhard gets to do what he loves, and at the same time, share his culture and his heritage.

So, this South African man is on a mission. So, what is his mission? He wants to to introduce the UK to our uniquely South African grape and educate as many people about why our wine is so special.

In this podcast episode Gerhard gives us his top braai tip and shares about his heritage and how he ended up in South West England.

Gerhard Perold - the Pinotage wine man in the UK.
Perold Wines – celebrating Pinotage Wine

You can find the Perold Wine Cellar on Facebook and on Instagram

Thank you to John Walton of Mix Tape Radio International for letting us record this interview in your studio in Frome, Somerset, UK

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