Tania Verdonk Brings Businesses Together

Celebrate Southern Africa

The South African ‘Queen’ of the East of England

It is always so lovely to meet Southern Africans who are like-minded and who take action.  Tania set up her Spirus Marketing business in Cambridgeshire 18 years ago and she has networked like crazy to connect with her local community.

Tania is now also the Southern African Chamber of Commerce UK Chapter Leader for the East of England, so if you want to connect with her and her Chamber Chapter, you can find more information on her Spirus Marketing business website as well as join her East of England Chamber Chapter on Facebook.

A huge thank you to Mix Tape Radio International for recording the interview for us in your studio in Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom.

Mix Tape Radio International
Spirus Marketing
Tania Verdonk

If you want t learn more about who the South African Chamber of Commerce UK is for, check out this blog HERE

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