Celebrate Marianna Marks the Kitchen Queen

Marianna Marks

Born and raised in Namibia, Marianna Marks remembers the carefree childhood she enjoyed in a hot and dry Windhoek. She was very close to her grandmother who got very sick. Before she died, asked Marianna to put together a recipe book.

Marianna has published ‘Naked Baking’ and has ‘Naked Cooking’ in the pileline. She has also published two books in a children’s series called ‘Mini Red’.

On Friday evenings, ou can tune into Facebook for Marianna’s Facebook Live from M’s Kitchen.

This is the 10th episide on the Celebrate Southern Africa podcast, and it was such a pleasure to chat to Marianna about life in Wales and the future plans she has for her writing.

Naked Baking and the Mini Red series by Marianna Marks are available on Amazon

Have a look at Marianna’s High Protein Biltong Recipe and her Afrikaans piece ‘Bly af van die gras’

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