High Protein Biltong Salad

biltong recipe

By Marianna Marks


1 Butternut, peeled, cubed and roasted in the over for around 45 minutes

1 bag of baby spinach leaves, washed and drained

Handful of fresh rocket or mizuna leaves

200 grams of biltong

Garlic clove

30 ml olive or grapeseed oil

30 ml balsamic or apple cider vinegar

30 ml sunflower/ pumpkin and linseeds


Crush the garlic and mix with the oil and vinegar to taste. Adjust this depending on the size of the salad.

Mix the salad leaves and place onto a plate or salad bowl.

Add the butternut and sprinkle over the dressing.

Add the biltong, sprinkle over the seeds and enjoy.

Marianna Marks

Marianna Marks

Based in Wales and author of Naked Baking – How your Kitchen can Help Heal

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