The Power Business that is Beverly

power business

Another Southern Africans doing amazing things

Bev Power is behind a power business. She is also a fiercely passionate South African mom of three little humans. They are her main reason for working tirelessly to make a success of the family businesses.

“Each child needs their own business to take over!”

Where is Bev from?

Bev grew up in the beautiful eastern Cape. She moved to the UK at 20 with an interest to see how the other side lives. But she only came with a 5-year plan and almost 20 years later she is still here.

The Low of Redundancy

At a very love point in her life, Bev started The Travelling Cupcake. She had been made redundant while she was pregnant. It was tough. But Bev baked her way out of a very dark depression and literally grabbed every opportunity sent her way.

Opening a retail store during a recession with no previous retail experience was blindly optimistic, but that’s Bev. She sees rainbows and positivity in every situation. She had always had a dream to open a South African store in Andover. But the figures seemed too large for her – overwhelming almost.

The South African in Bev

When she opened The Travelling Cupcake, she started getting requests for traditional South African bakes. Milk tarts and koeksisters were always at the top of the list. Bev started taking order for those, and soon she got requests for biltong and Mrs Balls and chips. The family took a huge gamble. They went to the wholesaler and filled their car with South African goodies. They have never looked back!

Bev and her family are known to South Africans as “that great cake shop that does South African food”.  To the Brits they are known as “that South African shop that does great cake!”

Community Focused on Power Business

Life is really tough on the High Street, and it’s not an easy option selling South African goods.

“It definitely doesn’t make you rich or even pay bills on time. BUT it gives so much more in rewards. The amount of people we get to make happy on a daily basis, is brilliant! But especially when they’re feeling low and missing home. We welcome people in with a hug and a warm smile. And we arrange gatherings for people to meet friends. Being new to a community can be very lonely. We also miss our culture and heritage. The warmth of familiarity – THAT is what we offer those in our community. This all started as a business, but these people are now my family here. And that’s how we start calling this country home. I’ve missed home from the second I put foot in England. I’ve always felt I’ve not fitted in – it’s more like we ‘fitted out’.  We battled to make firm friends like my South African ones, and incredibly we are often still quite lonely. But now, that ‘fitting out’ makes me SO proud to be different and helping others who feel like I felt.” 

Bev’s business means they are truly independent and make their business work for their community.

Bev in Business

This Power business grew and Bev and her family purchased another business in Andover, called Lucy’s Kitchen. They are expanding! Their local Travelling Cupcake brand is developong into a home baked style deli. It will include goods from locally produced and sourced suppliers. All those they love!

“We feel fellow business owners understand the pains and gains of good business.”

Beverley was a finalist in the South African Chamber of Commerce UK Awards in 2018 in the Micro Business category. This recognition has given her business more impetus to grow.

Power business

Bev Power

You can find out more about Bev’s family business on The Travelling Cupcake website and on Facebook and Instagram

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