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By Dawn A. Denton

The South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK has traditionally been London-centric, but in 2019 the Chamber is expanding out of the London area and into regions around the UK and the Republic of Ireland. 

In Africa, we say it takes a village to raise a child – your business is your ‘child’ and the South African community in the UK is your village.  There are now ‘villages’ across the UK and in the Republic of Ireland.  You can get support, network, grow your skills base, and learn about business within a community of like-minded South Africans, and British business men and women who are trading with our country or looking for opportunities.

Plans for 2019

The plan for the new year is to:

  1. Grow the regional Chapters with members who want to take their businesses to the next level
  2. Increase the Chamber membership across the UK and Ireland, so that more can benefit from the opportunities available to Chamber members
  3. Stream London events (and other regional events) directly to the Chapters.  The members can enjoy the events remotely, in their own communities
  4. Have regular regional events that London Chambers members can attend or have streamed directly to them
  5. Increase trade opportunities in regions across the UK post-Brexit
  6. Bring South Africans across the UK and the Republic of Ireland together in a thriving business and cultural community

If your ‘child’ needs a ‘village’ – and you are interested in heading up a ‘village’ or becoming an engaged Chapter member, please contact the South African Chamber of Commerce UK for more information.

You can listen to the podcast about the Chamber HERE

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