Celebrate Creative Bianca Goss

Creative Bianca Goss

Let’s celebrate creative Bianca Goss, otherwise known as Bee, of Gossy Designs.

Bianca (Bee) is so passionate about Africa, and espeically Zimababwe where she was born and raised. Her life in the UK is deeply rooted in Africa (the family moved to the Republic of Ireland in 2019).  Bee and her husband Dale have done what they could to give their British born children as much of Africa as possible. They encourage their children to be play outside, (no matter what the weather) and they create using the world around them. They are also encouraged to give back to those who find life difficult.

Today, Gossy Designs is a global business born. It is born out of Bianca and Dale’s daughter Michaela’s art. Bianca has then married Michaela’s dsigns with her own elegant creativity and her remarkable business brain. It is truly something very special and turly unique.

Below, Dawn Denton chats to this lovely lady, in this, the first of our Celebrate podcasts – so we can celebrate the creative Bianca Goss!

You can find the gorgeous creative Bianca Goss of Gossy Designs on Facebook and on Instagram

Celebrate creative Bianca Goss of Gossy Designs
Celebrate Crative Bianca Goss

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