Yvette Hutton

Yvette Hutton

South African Born Artist

We proudly introduce the talents Yvette Hutton.

Yvette is a South African born artist who draws from her life in South African to create her art, especially painting animals, landscapes and portraits. She is self-taught and inspired by her Dutch grandfather who painted professionally in South Africa, selling many landscapes and nature paintings during his life.

Often painting for friends, Yvette is now taking commissions using mixed media, but predominantly working in acrylic. She now also dabbles in decoupaging and painting ostrich eggs with portraits.

“I enjoy taking ideas and putting them onto canvas,” Yvette says about her art. 

Yvette lives in Basingstoke, UK where she met her lifelong partner and they have a beautiful daughter together.

Yvette Hutton

If you would like to buy this Madiba portrait or browse Yvette’s other artwork, please go to Yowzah Art or email info@yowzah-art.com

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