67 Minutes for Mandela

Mandela Day

Be the legacy, Make an Impact

We all love Madiba and want his legacy to live on. We all strive, in our own ways, to make a difference whether it be at home with our family and friends, in our workplace or in our communities. Mandela Day celebrates the potential impact we each have and the fact that we all have the ability to make a difference.

Mandela Day is celebrated on Madiba’s birthday, 18th July and it’s a day to remind us that we should do what we can to make the world a better place. It’s a day to remember Mandela’s huge contribution not just in South Africa but internationally as he promoted peace, understanding and reconciliation.  Mandela spent 67 years serving the world, making it a better place and so on Mandela Day everyone is encouraged to do something positive for their communities for 67 minutes.

67 minutes is not so long and there are a lot of ways to make a small difference in the lives of others this coming Mandela Day. What will you do?

Things that you can do with your 67 Minutes on Mandela Day:

  1. Donate: This one’s a bit obvious, but for those with busier lives it’s a great option. Donate to a cause you’re passionate about. How about donating £6.70, £67, or perhaps 67 minutes of your salary (you do the maths!).
  2. Donate: donate something other than money. Take those clothes to the charity shop, buy extra tins of food at the supermarket for your local food bank or give blood.
  3. Volunteer: Get in touch with a local charity or organisation that you love and ask how you could help. Maybe you have specialist skills you could share, or maybe you can take in a cake for their hard-working staff. Whatever it is, you’ll be appreciated. If you’re unsure of a local organisation you’d like to help, google a cause you might be interested in and go from there.
  4. Treat a friend or someone you haven’t seen for a while to a cup of coffee.
  5. Pay a visit to a neighbour who lives alone.
  6. Pick up that plastic bottle you’ve seen on the street and pop it in the bin. Make your world a little cleaner.
  7. Make 67 people smile (be that person that says hello and smiles at people in the street.)

Let’s continue to celebrate Mandela’s life and the legacy he has left for everyone; why don’t we try to make every day a Mandela Day? Let’s spread kindness, love and joy every day. It’s those random acts of kindness and good deeds that make the world a better place.

As they say at the Nelson Mandela Foundation: “No matter how small your action, Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better, just as Nelson Mandela did every day”.

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To find out more about Nelson Mandela’s prison letters, the first authorised and authenticated collection of correspondence during his 27 years as a political prisoner, you might be interested in the book: Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela

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