How to Handle Rejection

Give yourself a boost with this BAG of tricks to handle rejection by Riana Avis

Fear of rejection is one of the top fears that can keep you stuck and hold you back from achieving your dreams. It gets in the way of you going for the job you want, asking for a promotion, requesting a raise, meeting new people, pitching for the business you want, asking that special person out for a date, … (fill in the dots.) The list is endless. So, how do you handle rejection?

As a self-development junkie, I have my share of books, programmes and audio’s that never made it passed shelf-development.

The beauty of this is that every now and again I discover a gem I did not know I had. Or indeed, rediscover it. I love it. I like to choose a book, open it randomly and start reading.

101 Great Ways to Improve your Life

This is exactly what happened when I picked up the book 101 Great Ways to Improve your Life. It is chock-full, well 101 to be exact, pearls of wisdom and knowledge.

And there, nestled among these pearls of wisdom, I found Denis Waitley’s BAG formula for handling rejection.

The BAG Formula

Like all power-packed ideas, the BAG formula a simple way to handle rejection:

B – Blessings. Things you are endowed with and often take for granted. Your skills, talents, aptitudes, things you excel in effortlessly. Life itself, the roof over your head, friends, family, career, opportunities. Whatever is working in your life, is a blessing. Things that are not, have the potential to be a blessing in the future. Ask older people and they’ll tell you that when they look back over the years, they realise that some of the blessings they currently enjoy, can be directly attributed to a time in their life when things definitely did not go well.   

A – Accomplishments. Think of the many things you are proud of and have done so far. Include the small things. Cooking dinner for the family every day. Showing up every day to earn a living, build a career, practise your craft, make a dream come true. The time you finished a race, irrespective of whether you came last. The time you completed a project even though the going was tough. Come on, insert your own examples here.

G – Goals. These are your dreams, intentions and plans that motivate and inspire you. It may be for yourself, your family, your career, your business or something else. What would you dearly love to do? What would you dearly love to have? Who do you need to be to accomplish that? 

You Have Everything Going for You

Dr Waitley suggests that if you went to a party with your BAG, spread its contents on the floor and compare it with that of your friends and the people you admire, you would take your own BAG home, because you’d realise you have just as much going for yourself as anyone else.

It is simple, straightforward, easy to remember and to use. I recommend you make a list of the contents of your BAG and carry it around with you in your bag, no pun intended. Then, whenever your awesomeness needs a boost, be your own guru and give yourself a boost.

Haul out your BAG, review it at your leisure and bask in what you already have going for you.

Riana Avis

Riana Avis

Business Coach and Consultant for Independent Therapists in Private Practice

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