Bazaar Africa

April 8, 2019 teamcelebrate 1

Meet Imogen, who brings the colours of Africa to the United Kingdom I was born and brought up in Kenya and the Congo (as it […]

The Tamarisk Tree

April 6, 2019 teamcelebrate 0

By Annalie Kleinloog Annalie was born, bred, schooled and am now retired in South Africa. She is married and blessed with four children and four […]

The Cicada

March 31, 2019 teamcelebrate 1

By Paul Ward As soon as the UK summer starts to show itself, and the winter draws to a swift end, it makes me remember […]

Rob’s Missing Horn

March 19, 2019 teamcelebrate 1

Rob the rhino was the cutest rhino in the whole herd. He had big blue eyes and a tiny puffed up tail, but one thing was missing… his horn!