“Just wanted to say a big thank you for today.  It was a huge success again. Looking forward to next year! Thank you!”


“Just want to say Sunday was amazing!” 


“What an amazing event Sunday was! Really well received from the public. I thought the event proved to be a big hit and the weather was out in full force.”


“It was a fabulous time.. thanks to the organisers and stall holders… really hope you all had a successful day. Wonderful to mingle with folks from Africa….suddenly you don’t feel so far from home and don’t feel like strangers. Early days I know, but here’s hoping there is a ‘next year’!”


“Came up from Cornwall for the day. Really good weather and so many SA goodies to choose from. Definite must again next year!!!”


“Jislaaik…!!! That was awesome boetie…..same time next year then!”


“Awesome day. Amazing event”


“Great as always to connect with others! Very well organised and I look forward to the next one.”


“Yay thank you! What a fantastic market! Very well organised and fab turnout as always. Amazing stalls too


“How fantastic! I’m still buzzing….and knackered”

The late Kate Edwards of Glue Publications

“Thank you so much for opening up a platform for us to be able to sell our products and at the same time have a ‘lekker kuier’ “

Sherryl of Peace of Afrika

“Thank you so so much for putting on such a fantastic event. I saw family friends I hadn’t seen in years! I saw people from my small home town who I never knew was out here, and all the while I felt like I was part of a community again. That particular feeling that we all miss being over here so far way from home.”

Bev of The Travelling Cupcake

“Bliksem! Celebrate South Africa has taken off … awesome! You did such an amazing job organising the whole weekend; I have no doubt that it will be a success every year.”

Angela of Tribe Creations