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Spreading the Stories and Creative Spirit of Africa

Salubonani! And warm welcome to CathCurios! The fabulous name of CathCurios was always going to be called just that, as its origin comes from ME, “Cath”! Why wouldn’t I put my own name on the products I love?

Originally born & bred in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – CathCurios is purely an online store based in Exeter, offering a unique range of products inspired by the beauty of Southern Africa.

Whether you are interested in our home décor or fashion you can add a little cultural flavour to your lifestyle. Every product, I sell should be treated as a mystical treasure, the reason for this, is because it brings with it a story. It is an object’s story that connects our minds to our hearts. It’s the story that’s important. It’s what inspires us to care about the lives of other people. It’s what makes us more compassionate. I take pride in the close and caring relationship I have with my African suppliers, and how this approach embalms each object that I sell. They are all individually handmade, hand painted and have with it, their own story.

Through buying African curios, we are spreading the stories and the creative spirit of Africa. In Zimbabwe, for instance, there is one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.

By launching my business here in the UK, I am helping to support the artists of traditional African craft by providing them with a sustainable income.

Africa lives in me and I want to share Africa with the world.

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Another lovely African curio business is of course Bazaar Africa.

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