Billies & Tong

Billies & Tong

May 31, 2019 teamcelebrate 0

Billies & Tong is owned by Gerhardus (Gerry) Koen. The business was created from a passion for biltong and a hobby that followed him over […]

Celebrate Southern Africa

Eden Days Body

May 23, 2019 teamcelebrate 1

Immigrating has opened new opportunities for us, and it changed the way we look at life. But it has not denied us our roots, it has flourished because of it

Celebrate Southern Africa

Khanya Hospice

May 20, 2019 teamcelebrate 1

By Janet Walton As a nurse living in Frome, Somerset and working in the surrounding towns as a Specialist Palliative Care Nurse, I have been […]

Celebrate Southern Africa

Giraffe Crafts

May 7, 2019 teamcelebrate 1

Monica Dowling is owner of Giraffe Crafts and Corsham Crafty Hub where she makes all her crafts, runs workshops and stocks other crafters’ products.

Celebrate Southern Africa

A World Away…

May 3, 2019 teamcelebrate 3

PART 1 – By Janine Deane-Dinnis Ramsey Jeffries George Deane-Dinnis of the parish of Arundel, Sussex, and a descendent of the notorious ‘Hanging Judge Jeffries’, […]