The SA Way

I have always been in customer service. I worked in Sharper Image in Plumstead Cape Town, a quarantine kennel in Alserbury U.K., Salisbury Leisure Centre as a customer service manager and then Friends Life international insurance.

I started The SA Way in 2014 after working in insurance for 17 years and the name was created by my better half. We love the SA ways.

I am the owner, my partner helps out and I employ one British guy who I have dubbed an ‘adopted South African’.

All I know about biltong and boerewors, milk tarts, koeksisters, vetkoek etc have been self-thought. My mum helped me to perfect my koeksisters, and my partner makes the Durban and Cape Malay Curries. My employee is our master spicer.

I was born in PM, grew up in JHB and KZN and moved to U.K. in 1994, settling in Salisbury.

I have always been proud to be South African – the way I was brought up, the lifestyle we had, the food and drink and the people. I love my accent and so do a lot of others. What is there not to love?

You can find Sam and The SA Way on their website, on Facebook

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