Good day everyone. I am Francois van Aswegen, I live in Launceston in Cornwall with my partner, Cindy. We moved from Bloemfontein in the Free State and have been in the UK for 7 years now. My business partner Dejane Poil who lives in SA and I are so excited to tell you more about our exciting and new venture, JOUMASE.

JOUMASE is here as a result of the new legislation that has come into effect this year. In short, this prevents the import of products to the EU containing non EU milk, egg and other animal products. This means the importers can no longer import SA favourites like Romany Creams, Ouma Rusks and Iced Zoo biscuits to mention a few.

We are thrilled to present to you JOUMASE!

JOUMASE is a luxury range of rusks and cookies baked by an award winning Cornish bakery. Using authentically traditional South African recipes and only high quality ingredients. JOUMASE Rusks will satisfy any South Africans craving for good old fashioned “beskuit”, quite frankly, they wouldn’t “dip” anything less.

JOUMASE offers the discerning South African a choice of Buttermilk, Aniseed and Bran Rusks. We are also very proud of bespoke Chocolate Romany Cream, Iced Zoo and Home Industry favourites Custard and Coffee Cookies with loads more family favourites to come.

We look forward to meeting everyone at the event and to giving you a tongue tips tasting of our home-style JOUMASE Rusks of course.

JOUMASE, luxury baking your mom will approve of.

9 thoughts on “JOUMASE

  1. Oh this is good to know. I love my Ouma rusks! Rose (South African shop in Bristol) also said that she wint be able to get hold if peppermint crisp anymore 😢 any plans to take that on???? I’m hoping to be at the S.A day in Frome so look forward to sampling your rusks/Romany creams yum yum.

    1. Brilliant! We are going to have a fab day and so looking forward to it too!

  2. Thank goodness! Can we preorder so as not to be dissapointed?

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