Flavours of South Africa

Flavours of South Africa was inspired by a desire to have access to a regular supply of South African products in the UK. Everyone that moves to a different country understands the difficulties of adjusting to a new culture as well as missing some of the things that made them happy. As a result, we felt that it was imperative that we find a way of bringing other Southern Africans who may be in the same boat a taste of home (right here in the UK) at a reasonable price. We have started with Biltong (and other dried meats) as it is an extremely well known and tasty product. We will gradually add new products as we develop the business and continue to grow our loyal customer base.

The business is founded Anthony Henry together with his business partner Vuyo Stamper (who joined later). Anthony has always loved South African products even though his connection to South Africa dates back to his great grandparents. Although he was born in the UK – he definitely has a connection with the country and the people. Vuyo Stamper was born in Johannesburg but moved to the UK at the age of 14 (now 25). Since his move to the UK – he has always wanted to find a way of bringing the flavours of South Africa to the UK.

Anthony started out by working for Simply African until he decided it was time to branch out. Vuyo completed a degree in Accounting with Economics and is now involved in a few projects including Flavours of South Africa. Anthony and Vuyo are primarily connected through their love for entrepreneurship. They hope that Flavours of South Africa will be a brand that proudly represents South Africa now and into the future.

“What inspires me the most about being South African is that South Africa is filled with people that do what most would consider impossible on a daily basis and this is represented to a larger scale by figures such as Nelson Mandela and (most recently) Trevor Noah” – Vuyo Stamper.

You can find more information about the Flavours of South Africa on Facebook and on their website

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