Fisherman’s Rest

Fisherman’s Rest is a family run not-for-profit company in Malawi. It is located on the same route David Livingston took from the Shire river to Blantyre. As a result the site is on the road the local fishermen take from the river to the market and they used to always stop by for refreshments and so the name Fisherman’s rest name was born. At this market we will be showcasing some pictures of our projects and friends in the community taken by a family friend and photographer. Our Family has been in Malawi for nearly 30 years. Now the family is all grown up they run the show in two 6 month stints the Parents run the site over the dry season and their daughters and husbands run the site during the rains.

Fisherman’s Rest is on a site of nearly 500 acres on the side of the great rift valley, it contains several accommodation facilities, orchard and a nature reserve. The site has dramatically grown over the last few years. When the we first moved in many of the resident cobras took some persuading to leave and our family simply wanted to live in Malawi whilst improving the quality of life, education and health of our neighbours. Since then the work and vision has grown and now we employ over 100 members of the local community. We have many projects including feeding programmes (feeding over 7000 children a day in schools), building libraries and classrooms, training communities how to repair and maintain their water pumps and tree planting and forestry lessons to help combat the climate change and deforestation in the area.

We have many more projects and Fisherman’s Rest is always a constant hive of activity, if you’d like to know more about the work we do then come and see us, we will also be selling ethical Malawian tea from our friend and partner at The Leafy Tea Company. We have some beautiful pictures printed on the highest quality papers in a range of sizes. Our photographers will be there if you have any questions or would like to know the story behind each shot.

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