Eden Days Body

We are a mother and daughter team that is passionate about healthy, natural skincare for the whole family.

We immigrated from beautiful Cape Town 14 years ago.  After developing skin conditions, we started looking at the products we were using on our body. We discovered how unnatural and chemical laden they were. On top of it, these chemicals are absorbed in the bloodstream, some researchers even say they lodge in our organs.

We started making our own soaps using 100% natural, high quality oils. And guess what, years of skin conditions took a couple of weeks to clear!  Eden Days Body was created; we use unrefined oils and organic botanicals that are as pure as the were in the days of Eden. These same healing ingredients are found in our Body Butters and includes a range for babies.

We do not compromise, even our packaging is eco-friendly with the lowest carbon footprint we could find, and we are 100% Vegan.

In true South African spirit ‘we made a plan’ and created something wholesome, that is a blessing to those who use it.  For us, this is a labour of love.

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