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There is way more to Chota Peg & Lime than specialised bar services…think quirky, think elite and think one-stop-shop and you have them pegged. After years of heading up one of the top mobile bar services in Southern Africa, Rochelle Strooh brings her unique blend of service and style to the UK.

With experience in everything from large national events to intimate soirees, Rochelle has honed her skills in the hospitality industry and it shows. This hands-on owner does everything from conceptualising a theme to training staff, so you can rest assured that your event is as important to her as it is to you.

The story behind the name……

Rochelle’s business derives its name from the history books. The term Chota Peg & Lime or in fact, a little shot with lime has roots that can be traced all the way back to the 1600’s.  This is a two part story that winds its way from colonial India, across the seven seas and over the beautiful eastern lands of Persia and Babylonia.

The first part of the story comes out of colonial India, in a time when the soldiers of the British East India Company were issued tonic water, as the quinine it contained could combat malaria.

Due to the bitter taste of the quinine the innovative soldiers started to combine it with a mixture of fruit and sugar, adding to it, their gin rations. When asking for the gin to be added it was always in a small amount roughly the same size as a shot in modern terms and this was known as a Chota peg as the peg was the name of the shot glass used to measure it out.

The second part of the story comes from Persia and Babylonia where limes were cultivated and transported by sea all over the world; these were issued to British East India Company sailors daily to prevent scurvy. To combat the sour taste, they added a little rum to the lime in a peg or shot – as can be expected from all good sailors.

This out of the box – or out of the boat – thinking is what inspired Chota Peg & Lime; a mix of cosmopolitan ingredients that are a true reflection of a classy, zesty brand with a wicked sense of humour.

Take the bar where you are…We are a swanky, modern company, passionate about hospitality, marketing and the entertainment industry.
Chota Peg & Lime is the ideal choice, if you want your guests feeling like they slipped behind the velvet rope and made it onto an exclusive VIP list.

We would love the opportunity to partner with you and provide everything to help you pull off the event you envisioned. Whether you want your event shaken or stirred, we have your back.

In addition to supplying high-end products and services and making sure everyone in attendance feels like a VIP, our setup is also entirely customisable. This means you can have your logos or photos prominently displayed on the front of our bar and the welcome drinks can be expertly matched to your theme or personality.

Our friendly, professional and experienced bar team will set up the bars, prepare and chill the drinks, as well as sort out your welcome drinks – all before the first guest makes an appearance – and by the first toast, you’ll be glad you gave us a shot.

Chota Peg and Lime is a three person operation. Rochelle is the owner, Siobhan is the logistics manager and Zoe is head of marketing. Rochelle is from Morningside, Durban and has been in the UK for a total of 3 years in two separate adventures. Her background in the  hospitality business in South Africa and as head of Business Development for a company called Unity Street, have helped her get her amazing business off the ground.

What does Rochelle love about being a South African?

“Our caring & friendly personality. We have this amazing ability to care for people & help people in need from a simple listening over a cup of coffee or taking people into our homes a some good needed R&R. We always seem to be the life of the party making everyone feel welcome even if it’s not our home that the party is at… Needless to say we always land up being the braai masters as well. With qualities like ours why would you not want to be South African :)”

You can find Chota Peg & Lime on their website, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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