Biltong and Boerie

Biltong & Boerie was born in a little cake shop in Andover, Hampshire in 2014. We run a little cake shop in Andover and make lots of traditional south African desserts and sweet goods. Our SA sweet treats really got our customers requesting more and more South African goods – from Cream Soda to Biltong! We had no idea how on earth we were going to make that happen in a cake shop, but I’m blessed to be a forward thinker (or completely mad!?!?)

We took what was left in our overdraft and popped over for a visit to the wholesalers to see what we could get for our homesick customers… turns out it wasn’t a lot, but it did make a lot of people very happy! At first (and still to a lot of our local customers) we were ‘that cake shop that sells biltong and some Saffa stuff’.  We have gone from a boot full of stock to a lot of shelves full of stock, plus a whole stock room full of stuff! We are growing, slowly but surely growing!

We started doing South African events last year and have loved EVERY minute of them! It brings ME so much joy to see how happy it makes you guys to see your chappies again or taste one of our delicious peppermint crisp tarts. It’s all sunshine and smiles and happiness in our shop, no matter what the weather outside.

Bunny Chow is one of our specialities and we have special evenings at our store where we have Bunny & Boerie evenings. It’s a get together to welcome new people to the area, and make them feel at home. Introduce them to all the lovely people in our area and let our families mingle and make friends.

We will be serving some of our amazing bunny chow at Celebrate and we are so excited to be part of this event for a second year running. We had so much fun last year and we only did sweet treats! This year you can expect Bunny Chow, a whole range of your favourite South African grocery products as well as Milk Tarts, Malva Puddings, Peppermint Crisp tarts, Koeksisters and more.

I am very passionately a South African living abroad. I love my country and my history with my whole being, I love our people, I love their passion, their friendly faces, their strength, I love our mountains, our beaches, our sunshine, our make a plan attitude. I am homesick almost every day still, but our business here in the UK brings so much joy to other home sick south Africans that it takes a little bit of that away each time. I get to be the adopted aunty to the baby that’s just been born, the adopted sister who just needs to feel like someone cares so far away from home, that south african lady who does those yummy cakes, friend to lots and lots of amazing locals because of our business. We get to make them happy making cakes, we get to make you guys happy with your saffa goods. We really do have the best of both now and are very blessed!

When you support a local business, an actual person does a happy dance – that’s usually me 😉

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