Beautiful African

I came to live in South Africa for 6 months in 2016 with my partner who was born and raised in Port Elizabeth. Our business, Beautiful African started one day after taking a walk on the beach and coming across a cute little African market in Port Elizabeth. We started talking to the owner of one of the stalls, he gave us the background on how the products were made and where. He told us all about his story and how he came to be a stall owner at this market. We were intrigued and fell in love with his products.

After doing some research, we found that the English market could appreciate handmade African homeware and décor, so we set up an online shop and website and decided to bring some of these goods to England to sell at markets around the United Kingdom. we started our business about 6 months ago and hope to grow and expand over the next few years.

Come and meet us at Celebrate Southern Africa in June in Frome, Somerset and see what we have in stock on Facebook and on Instagram

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