African Inspiration

I am a born and bred Saffa, Gloucester has been my home since the middle of 2015.  I have been an expat for over 10 years and fortunate to have lived and sometimes worked in amazing cities like Paris, Sydney and Dubai.  Over the years, I visited South Africa every year, I always felt that strong urge to breathe in the invigorating African air and no place on earth is quite like it!

After every SA visit, I would bring a little African something back with me.  It was important to me to keep the African connection close to me.  I then thought about other Saffas like me, living overseas, longing to have a little piece of Africa in their homes and perhaps not being able to visit SA often enough.  This was the beginning of African Inspiration.  It is still in its infancy and has been a massive learning curve but it gives me so much joy!
I am passionate about my country and its people, and I am determined to help social upliftment initiatives/projects so my fellow South Africans can have sustainable employment.  Most of my items are personally sourced through these projects, supporting fair trade, from talented people across the country.  I am also proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of Lumela Africa.
Being surrounded by handcrafted items from South Africa, knowing the story behind these creations, keeps me motivated to succeed. There are people who depend on us and our custom, to help make their lives a little bit better.  It is a massive responsibility but one I will proudly uphold.
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